Upcoming Auctions:

Jeffrey S Evans & Assoc.

The 40 year collection of Gerry & Kathy Turner will be up for auction at Jeff Evan’s auction house Friday April 21, 2023. There are some nice lamps here to add to your collection!

I have a block of rooms set aside at the Quality Inn 1881 Evelyn Byrd Ave. at Harrisonburg, VA for those of you who want to attend the auction. It’s right next door to the Sleep Inn where we usually stay, but they are under renovations right now. The Night Light room rate is $78.04 plus tax per night. Call by 3/31/2023 to get our special price, as after that the rooms are put back into the hotel availability and our price goes away. Breakfast is included, king & double rooms are available, & the phone number is 540-442-1515. You must mention Night Light to get the discounted price, which is good for Thursday 4/20 & Friday 4/21/2023 in case you want to stay after the auction is over.

Recap of our Lamp Conventions

We were unable to hold our 2020 convention due to COVID-19 and also didn't have one in 2021.

Our 2019 lamp convention was held at Harrisonburg, VA in conjunction with part one of the Lynch lamp auction at Jeffrey S Evans Auctions.

Our 2018 convention was held at the Salt Fork Lodge in OH. Friday we toured the Mosser Glass Factory and showroom. They took us downstairs to see the workers blowing pumpkins and pressing glass coasters.  In the afternoon we toured the National Museum of Cambridge Glass.  It turns out that Cambridge made 3 mini lamps. They were Smith #260 Princess, Smith 2 #223 Duchess, and Smith 2 #224 Countess. The museum has an example of all 3 lamps there, along with many other pieces in so many colors.  It was an educational and fun convention.

I (Kathy) thought it might be fun for you to see just where our conventions have taken us over the many years that we have been getting together as a club.  They were & continue to be fun times!  Where have the years gone??  (The reason that you see Harrisonburg, VA show up more often is because that is when we have based the convention around a major lamp auction at Jeff Evan's Auctions.)

2021 - No meeting due to COVID-19
2020 - No meeting due to COVID-19
2019 - Harrisonburg, VA
2018 - Cambridge, OH
2017 - Adamstown, PA
2016- Harrisonburg, VA
2015- Harrisonburg, VA
2014- Harrisonburg, VA
2014- Rochester, NY Joint Club Meeting
2013- Harrisonburg, VA
2012- Dearborn, MI Joint Club Meeting
2011- Corning, NY Joint Club Meeting
2010- Millville, NJ
2009- Cambridge,OH
2008- Williamsport, PA
2007- Adamstown, PA
2006- Toledo, OH
2005- Chattanooga, TN
2004- Corning, NY
2003- Columbus, OH
2002- Novi, MI
2001- Harrisburg, PA
2000- Marietta, OH
1999- Findlay, OH
1998- Harrisburg, PA
1997- Dayton, OH
1996- St. Clairsville, OH
1995- Columbus, OH   This was our first Night Light Convention as a club.