Recap of our Lamp Conventions

I (Kathy) thought it might be fun for you to see just where our conventions have taken us over the many years that we have been getting together as a club.  They were & continue to be fun times!  Where have the years gone??  (The reason that you see Harrisonburg, VA show up more often is because that is when we have based the convention around a major lamp auction at Jeff Evan's Auctions.)

2024 - Harrisonburg, VA Bob Culver Memorial Convention & Lamp Auction
2023 - Howe, IN
2022 - No meeting
2021 - No meeting due to COVID-19
2020 - No meeting due to COVID-19
2019 - Harrisonburg, VA
2018 - Cambridge, OH
In the afternoon we toured the National Museum of Cambridge Glass. It turns out that Cambridge made 3 mini lamps. They were Smith #260 Princess, Smith 2 #223 Duchess, and Smith 2 #224 Countess. The museum has an example of all 3 lamps there.
2017 - Adamstown, PA
2016- Harrisonburg, VA
2015- Harrisonburg, VA
2014- Harrisonburg, VA
2014- Rochester, NY Joint Club Meeting
2013- Harrisonburg, VA
2012- Dearborn, MI Joint Club Meeting
2011- Corning, NY Joint Club Meeting
2010- Millville, NJ
2009- Cambridge,OH
2008- Williamsport, PA
2007- Adamstown, PA
2006- Toledo, OH
2005- Chattanooga, TN
2004- Corning, NY
2003- Columbus, OH
2002- Novi, MI
2001- Harrisburg, PA
2000- Marietta, OH
1999- Findlay, OH
1998- Harrisburg, PA
1997- Dayton, OH
1996- St. Clairsville, OH
1995- Columbus, OH   This was our first Night Light Convention as a club.