Reference Materials

** Scroll down to the blue Smith number links to see old advertisements of some of the lamps. **

The following books can be invaluable to collectors searching for information on miniature lamps. Some of these titles are now out of print.

Title Author Publisher/Copyright
Miniature Lamps
(often called "Smith I")
Frank and Ruth Smith Schiffer Publishing, ©1968
Miniature Lamps II
("Smith II")
Ruth Smith Schiffer Publishing, ©1982
Evolution of the Night Lamp Ann Gilbert McDonald Wallace-Homestead Book Co., ©1979
Those Fascinating Little Lamps Dr. John Solverson Antique Publications, ©1988
Miniature Victorian Lamps ("Hulsebus I") Marjorie Hulsebus Schiffer Publishing, ©1996
Price Guide For Miniature Lamps Marjorie Hulsebus Schiffer Publishing, ©1998
Miniature Lamps of the Victorian Era ("Hulsebus II") Marjorie Hulsebus Schiffer Publishing, ©2004

The two Smith books are the primary references used for lamp listing and identification. Collectors often refer to lamps by the number in the Smith books. For example, SI-286 means Smith book I, Figure (or plate) number 286. (In this case, the lamp is the Cosmos mini lamp.)  Smith I contains pictures of 630 lamps, mostly in black and white.  Smith II contains pictures of 550 lamps, again mostly in black and white.  Both books have a small section of color.

The Solverson book contains more information on the hobby of collecting mini lamps and pictures several lamps not shown in either of the Smith books.

The first Hulsebus book (Miniature Victorian Lamps) pictures over 400 lamps not shown in the Smith books, all in full color. This book is usually referred to as Hulsebus I.  The second Hulsebus book (Miniature Lamps of the Victorian Era) has almost 600 more color pictures of previously unlisted lamps.  It's commonly referred to as Hulsebus II by collectors.

The Price Guide contains current values for the lamps shown in the Smith books and the first Hulsebus book.

                                                   Old Advertising  Reference Material for  Smith  I                                                                    VII   6&9  12  23   29   54   59   64   77   78   83   103   109   111   124   125    147   183   186  192   211   214   219    240   245    260   275   296   339   389  393   465   482   491   576   577   578   583   625   628


                                                    Old Advertising  Reference Material for Smith  II                                                                    41   45   69  129   130   223   236   253   256

                                                                                                      Miscellaneous                                                                              Lamp PricesGausler Hoffman,