Recap of our 2018 Lamp Convention

Salt Fork OH Convention Recap

Our 2018 convention was held this time at the Salt Fork Lodge in OH. This is land owned by OH & the lodge sits way back in. It's a rustic place, but there is so much ground there that they have lots of other activities available on the property other than what happens in the lodge itself.

Thursday night we all met in the hospitality suite for snacks & catching up, then on to room sales. Friday we toured the Mosser Glass Factory and showroom. They took us downstairs to see the workers blowing pumpkins and pressing glass coasters. It was a hot day made hotter by the furnaces burning, but they had big fans blowing so it wasn't so bad. The glass blower made it look really easy to make a blown glass pumpkin, but we all know that's not the case. Up in their new showroom, there were many pieces of Mosser glass to purchase. There were lots of colors available and also many kinds of items.

Friday afternoon we toured the National Museum of Cambridge Glass. They have a very nice building there filled with many beautiful pieces of glass. It turns out that Cambridge made 3 mini lamps. They were Smith #260 Princess, Smith 2 #223 Duchess, and Smith 2 #224 Countess. The museum has an example of all 3 lamps there, along with so many other pieces in so many colors. They have the pieces grouped on the shelves by colors produced, and it's something to see.

Friday evening we had our group meal, along with speaker Larry Everett of the Cambridge Museum. He spoke about ancient lighting on up to the 1900's. During this we also had a big thunder storm, so it was good to be inside!

Saturday morning finished off with our business meeting. where I presented our Smith 1 & 2 data base from the website to the group. You can find more on this under the Website Update article. We also discussed other club matters & then it was time to go. It was so good to see the members who came out, and I think that everyone had a nice time. Please think about joining us next year wherever our convention takes us. You'll get to meet nice people, see interesting things, and talk lamps. What more could you ask for?