SI-395 Reproduction

The Idaho Night Lamp, originally made by Gillinder in the 1890s, has recently been reproduced by the B&P Lamp Supply Co. The original lamp is shown in Smith Book I figure 395 (SI-395). Seeing the lamps side by side as shown below, the differences seem obvious. But that is usually not possible. Here are some of the major differences:

  • The ribbing at the top of the shade is slightly swirled on the original and straight up and down on the reproduction.
  • The color of the reproduction is very bright, while the original is muted.
  • The glass on the reproduction is cased (color over white) and the original is solid opaque.
  • The real difference is in the detail of the embossing.
  • Note also that the original has a "shoulder" on the top of the font while the repro is very plain.

The original lamp is shown below on the right, the reproduction on the left. Click on the image for a larger version.

si-395withReproa (469K)